About Us

Arrow, Sunset, Shamrock, and Star Lift Rentals are now part of Hoskins Equipment LLC. Hoskins Equipment is Southern California’s premier high-reach equipment provider. We focus on giving our customers a quality, hassle-free experience and the equipment they need to get their jobs done.

About Hoskins Equipment

Hoskins Equipment is Southern California’s premier rental and sales provider of high-reach equipment. Hoskins is an independent yard and an authorized distributor for JLG in the United States, which allows us to offer only the highest quality machines for our clients, while still maintaining great customer service and strong relationships. Since 1980, Hoskins Equipment has made it our goal to provide a safe way to reach new heights through better service and equipment.

Hoskins Equipment began with its founders: Brothers Greg and Max Hoskins. Greg and Max grew up on a potato farm in southern Idaho and both graduated from Idaho State University. Upon graduation, Greg worked for the Lorain Crane Company, eventually working his way up to becoming a Vice President before he took an offer as marketing manager with Manlift Inc., one of the global leaders in scissor and boom lift manufacturing. Manlift Inc. would eventually sell to Grove Manufacturing in 1978. A year later, Max would join his brother at Grove in the sales department and would likewise rise to the Vice President level.

Despite their success in Corporate America, the brothers’ entrepreneurial habits were always fast on their heels, and it was only a matter of time before they struck out on their own. Greg was the first to take the plunge, and in 1980 he left Grove Manufacturing to start Arrow Lift Rentals. Max wasn’t far behind, and would join him four years later. Arrow Lift Rentals grew rapidly, and as the company matured, the brothers opened more small rental companies to service different areas of the Los Angeles basin. The first was Sunset Lift Rentals, started by Jimmy Arnsmeyer in 1984. Shamrock Lift Rentals followed, managed by our resident Irishman John Farquharson since 1990. Greg and Max would later open Star Lift Rentals in Los Angeles and Max High Reach in Denver. Business in the LA basin grew rapidly as the city grew and in 2016, all of the once little lift rental companies were merged together under the corporate name Hoskins Equipment LLC.

The company is much larger now, with over 2500 regular customers, over 1000 pieces of high reach equipment, and over 50 employees in California and Colorado. We even have an Internet-based branch that provides rentals to the entire United States! Even with this amazing growth we are proud to say that we haven’t lost touch with our roots as a family-owned, independent company. We still give all of our customers the same level of quality customer service they’ve grown accustomed to. Hoskins Equipment is committed to providing you with safe and quality machines with the best service in the industry. Thank you for your business!